The money raised by the Saskatoon Poppy Fund goes to assist veterans and their families, with funds going toward things like: shelter, transportation, medical aids, bursaries for veterans’ dependents, support for cadet squadrons, Veterans Village at Sherbrooke Community Centre, and the Saskatoon community.

Veterans Village Project

One of the major initiatives the Saskatoon Poppy Fund has supported for many years is the Veterans Village at Sherbrooke Community Centre, which opened to residents In October 2000. The Veterans Village provides a home for veterans of Canada’s Armed Forces who could no longer live independently in the community, striving to provide the best quality of life for those who fought for the safety and freedom we enjoy as Canadians.

Veterans from the Armed Services, Police, RCMP, and their dependents, are eligible to apply for financial aid from the Saskatoon Poppy Fund, whether they are Legion members or not.

Veterans Village Kitchen established with funding from the Saskatoon Poppy Fund

Bursaries help veterans’ dependents take their education further

Taylor Schmidt is grateful for the funds she received from the Saskatoon Poppy Fund for the extent it allowed her to pursue her education.

“I wouldn’t have been able to take my education anywhere near as far as I have if it wasn’t for the support of the Saskatoon Poppy Fund. Funds I’ve received have greatly lessened the burden of tuition and allowed me to participate in education opportunities I never would’ve been able to otherwise.”

Taylor’s great grandfather served in World War II and her grandmother is a long-time Poppy Campaign volunteer and member of the local Legion.

More than supporting her education, her application to the Saskatoon Poppy Fund also opened a door to a whole new community.

“This Fund and the Poppy Campaign acts as a bridge that connects students like me to their history and to the community of veterans in our city. I find it amazing the amount of people this brings together – and the volunteer commitment is just incredible. When I see people of all ages out across our City in November sporting a poppy, it brings me such an appreciation for the thousands of hours volunteers spend working to achieve that kind of visibility and action in honour of our vets.”

Taylor has since volunteered alongside her grandmother to support the Fund’s annual Poppy Campaign, which raises critical funds to support veterans and their families, like Taylor’s.

Taylor Schmidt, recipient of education bursary from the Saskatoon Poppy Fund and Poppy Campaign volunteer

Support local veterans

A donation to the Saskatoon Poppy Fund stays here at home to help local vets!